Trim Your Nose Hair – Credibility In The Zoom Era

episode 94

Now more than ever, we live in the era of Zoom calls.

It’s easy to see this as an excuse to slack on maintaining our Standard Credibility Builders and just turning off the camera.

But standard credibility builders are as important as ever. 

Today, I talk about SCBs: what they are and why they matter.

So, I talk about the importance of maintaining the little things that are in your control in the midst of trying to navigate all of the things that aren’t.

And, I talk about why these little things are effective, and I translate this practice into the language of the Zoom era.

Then, I note that your potential employees, clients, spouses, and other relations will notice your appearance and that it’s worth putting in the extra effort. 

Every time you interact with the world, with prospective clients, it’s basically a job interview.  – Matthew Kimberley

”Look at the world like you mean to take it over.” – Matthew Kimberley 

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • What are Standard Credibility Builders?
  • The value of the little details 
  • Why the transition to Zoom doesn’t eliminate the need to maintain your appearance 
  • Why first impressions matter 

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