Hi, I’m Matthew Kimberley and this is Book Yourself Solid’s Marketing for Coaches. The show that talks about marketing (and more) for coaches.

You’re smart, and this site does a pretty good job of explaining about who it’s for and what you’ll get out of it, so I’ll spare you that bit.

But here’s what you might like to know:

Book Yourself Solid is one of the most popular books on marketing and selling for small businesses in the world.

For the last decade or so we’ve been training up and licensing Book Yourself Solid Certified Coaches to help their own clients get booked solid.

Over the years, we’ve built up a little expertise and a lot of frameworks, strategies and principles that, it turns out, are incredibly useful and relevant for coaches of all stripes who want to enjoy more fun, freedom and flow in their profitable and easy coaching businesses.

So we’re bringing you the best of what we’ve got.

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PS – if you’re a coach and you want a coach of your own, check out the Book Yourself Solid Advisory Board.


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