A Red Velvet Rope Policy For Your Coaching Business

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Have you ever heard of the Red Velvet Rope Policy? If you’ve read Book Yourself Solid, you’re already familiar with this term – and may even have a rough idea of what this policy consists of.

But for many coaches, the idea of a policy like this can still be quite confusing.

What exactly is this thing? Why is it considered the single most essential and most luxurious policy every coach needs to have in their business arsenal?

In today’s episode, I explain what the Red Velvet Rope Policy (RVRP) is and why it is a critical item for every coaching business.

So, I explain how the RVRP helps you filter new clients, allowing only those who energize and inspire you.

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And, I discuss how a really well put-in place Red Rope ensures everyone involved in your coaching business has the absolute best experience possible and I share examples of Red Velvet Rope Policy successes and failures.

Then, I highlight the fears and misconceptions many coaches have about enforcing a Red Velvet Rope Policy in their coaching business and discuss why it is critical for coaches to accept the responsibility of actively looking for reasons why working with a prospective client may not work.

And, I also share strategies you can use to incorporate the Red Velvet Rope Policy assessment into your discovery session conversation.

“There’s nothing more powerful than being an exclusive and selective coach – and that only comes with your Red Velvet Rope Policy.”

Matthew Kimberley

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • What is a Red Velvet Rope Policy and why it is a critical element of every successful coaching business
  • How a well-implemented “doorman” for your business acts as a barrier, filtering prospects so you only work with your ideal clients
  • Why many ‘Strategy Call’ sessions ultimately result in unhappy clients
  • How the process ensures your clients receive the very best experience while working with you
  • Why many coaches are hesitant to enforce an entry policy in their coaching business
  • Using the RVRP assessment to identify qualified clients
  • How to incorporate the RVRP assessment into your initial discovery session conversation

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