How and Why to Dump Your Dud Coaching Clients

episode 69

Clients tend to fall into one of three categories: the ideal ones, who energize you and are exciting to work with. The midrange ones.

So, Who aren’t so great but they’re not bad either; and the duds. What do you do about the duds?

Today, I talk about why you don’t need to keep your dud customer.

I discuss the importance of the energy you and your clients give each other, and why. if you’re not getting much out of your meetings, they probably aren’t either.

And, I discuss the difference between moving at the speed of the slowest and encouraging everyone to move at the speed of the leader.

So, I share a basic script that might come in handy when you’re figuring out how to let go of your dud clients.

“And, we think an awful lot about obligations towards our clients, but we don’t think so frequently obligations towards us.” – Matthew Kimberley


This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • The energy exchange between you and your clients
  • The three types of clients
  • Why you should move at the speed of the leaders
  • A handy script for firing a dud client


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