How To Turn Strangers Into Friends

episode 92

When you’re growing your network, you don’t want to build new relationships in such a way that you come across as a stalker or a fanboy.

A solid network relationship involves equality and not neediness 

Today, I talk about how to build a solid relationship.

Then, I talk about what the Marketing for Coaches book has to say, and I offer helpful tips for being strategic about networking.

So, I explain why you shouldn’t gush and why you should always have something to offer. I also emphasize the power of taking it slow and steady. 

tart with the ones that scare you the least, because you’ll find that making friends with other people that you built up in your head becomes less scary when you’re more confident about the idea of adding strangers to your network.  – Matthew Kimberley

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • The power of positioning 
  • Making your list of goal relationships 
  • How to get to to the point where “I’m in town, want to grab coffee?” doesn’t sound strange 
  • The power of starting small

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