Deadlines and Constraints for Coaches

episode 57

Do you have a list of things that should get done, but you never feel motivated to finish them? We like to spend time and money on things that we value, but even when we work on a personal project if there are no consequences for missing a deadline we continue to push this work off forever. To meet deadlines, it's all about consequences.

What’s funny is that there are certain tasks that we dislike doing, such as paying bills or going to the dentist, but we still prioritize them because there are heightened consequences for missing those deadlines.

And, therefore, if you feel like you're never going to finish your book, your course, or set up your business, you may need to set up a larger consequence for not finishing your project on time.

In today's episode, I discuss 3 types of constraints that I find are effective at helping meet your deadlines. I clarify why it's easier to hold yourself accountable in groups as opposed to self-imposed deadlines.

I explain how heightening the consequences of missing a deadline through financial penalties can help you be more motivated to work on your project. Also, I provide examples of financial constraints others have used to meet their deadlines, and ways you can hold yourself accountable through pre-sales.

“The consequences of just having an accountability buddy are often a lot less than, you know, ramped up accountability, like if there's a financial penalty or if there is a strong or important emotional penalty.”

 Matthew Kimberley   


This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • Why we have difficulty completing the “should get done” list
  • The different types of deadlines you can impose on yourself
  • How Michael Port held someone accountable with a $10,000 check
  • Heightening the consequences of missing your deadlines
  • What are personal financial restraints
  • Using pre-sale to encourage you to finish your course


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