How To Make Selling Your Coaching Services Easier

episode 50

Why is selling someone else's services easier than selling your services? So many people approach me asking for advice about this particular problem.

While I am no psychologist, I find many people tend to have personal problems disguised as business problems. The good news is there are ways to overcome these personal struggles; you just need to know how to disassociate your own identity from the role you provide.

In this episode, I look at why it's harder to sell your services instead of someone else's. I discuss the difference in standards we have when employed by someone else and when we are self-employed.

I share some ways to help overcome the difficulty of selling your services. You'll also hear an audience shout out to Otiti Jasmine for her wonderful review.


“When you are employed by somebody else you have to hold yourself up to a certain standard. You have to do the marketing activity, or you get fired. You have to have the sales meetings, or you get fired. When you become self-employed you don't always hold yourself to the same standard.” 

 Matthew Kimberley   


This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • An audience shout out to Otiti Jasmine
  • Reasons why people struggle to sell their services and not someone else's
  • My Action Based Coaching Plan
  • Defining a sales job and how it reflects on our value
  • Selling a persona instead of selling yourself
  • How to determine what personal information you share contributes to your brand
  • Why a patented intellectual process can help you sell yourself


Resources Mentioned:


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