How To Sell Coaching Services

episode 15

It’s the perennial question for so many coaches: how do I sell my coaching services?

Many coaches open their doors, hang their shingle, and wait for people to make inquiries about their coaching services.

But in the earlier days of my career as a self-employed coach, I learned right away that it’s a bad idea to wait for people to give you their money.

There’s nothing wrong with going out to the world to sell your coaching services – to let people know how you can help them and the solutions you have to offer.

In this episode, I go way back to the dawn of time to share what I’ve learned from my first foray into self-employment. I illustrate my experience of living in a countryside boarding school and describe how I learned to juggle from my maths teacher.

I explain how I began to make money out of busking as a juggler and discuss how I positioned myself to make people pay me more money – a lesson you can directly take to sell your own coaching services.

I also explain why you shouldn’t wait for potential coaching clients to initiate a conversation with you and underscore the power of actively taking your sale to the marketplace. Selling coaching services has never been so easy!

“Take the sale to the person. Hang your shingle, show other people are doing it too, and take the sale to the marketplace.” 

Matthew Kimberley

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • How my life in a boarding school in the UK countryside solidified my identity as a ‘proud weirdo’
  • A growing desire for pocket money and getting my first gigs
  • The beginnings of my career as a self-employed … juggler
  • A hat on the floor and asking people to invest in the Matthew Kimberley Fund
  • The psychology of social proof and the power of peer pressure
  • Why presentation matters
  • Getting serious with my juggling career and how I doubled my busking income
  • Why you shouldn’t wait for potential clients to make inquiries about your services
  • How employing Ben, my first assistant, impacted my juggling income
  • The importance of taking your sale to the marketplace
  • How to sell coaching services without feeling weird.

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