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This is episode one of the Book Yourself Solid® Marketing for Coaches Podcast.

I’m your host, Matthew Kimberley, Managing Partner and Head of Licensing, Programming, and Marketing at Book Yourself Solid® Worldwide.

I help coaches and small business owners sell more of their amazing services and generate greater profits through strategic business counseling.

So, I have over two decades of experience in international sales and advisory roles and have helped countless solopreneurs, start-ups, and large organizations to scale their businesses beyond their wildest dreams.

In this episode, I dig into who I am, why I decided to start the Marketing for Coaches podcast, and what you can expect from listening to each episode.

You’ll find out what the Book Yourself Solid® program is and how it helps coaches, entrepreneurs and solopreneurs attract more clients and grow their service-based organizations.

So, I explain what inspired me to finally launch the Marketing for Coaches podcast and how each episode is designed to help coaches and consultants ‘tip the scales’ to grow their coaching businesses.

Then, I also discuss how you can join the Book Yourself Solid® coaching family as well as how you can help co-create future podcast episodes.

“Nobody goes into business as a coach in order to sweat and grind and get beaten up by the market.”

Matthew Kimberley

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • What the Book Yourself Solid® program is, how it helps entrepreneurs, and how I got involved with the program
  • Why I decided to launch this podcast and how it can help coaches build successful coaching businesses
  • My previous experience before discovering the Book Yourself Solid® system
  • What you can expect from each episode and how you can help co-create future episodes

Resources Mentioned:

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