How Manchester United Will Help You Get Clients

episode 63

It’s easy to say that you should pursue potential clients that are already in your orbit? But how do you create that orbit? What you need is an Always-Have-Something-to-Invite-People-To Offer.

Today, I discuss this strategy. And I Talk about how important it is to have a ready event where the people in your community can interact with you.

Also, I Discuss why this interaction doesn’t need to be a teaching, pick-your-brain moment (although it can be), and why it doesn’t even have to be related to the service you offer.

And I give a couple of examples to drive the point home, including one about a chiropractor starting a sports fan club.

All [the chiropractor] has to do in order to stay connected with his target market is show up, drink beer, and watch football games.”It’s never, ever, ever a bad idea to talk to other people’s audiences.”

 Matthew Kimberley   


This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • The Always-Have-Something-to-Invite-People-To Offer
  • Why these events don’t always have to be linked directly to the service you offer
  • How to stay connected with  potential clients


Resources Mentioned: 


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