Hate Marketing? Here’s the Alternative for your Coaching Business

episode 6

Book Yourself Solid – how to get more clients than you can handle even if you HATE marketing and selling …

What would need to be true if you never had to allocate any resources, budget, time, or energy to proactively attracting leads and converting them into prospects and clients?

What could your coaching business look like if you invested zero time, zero money, and zero effort into marketing your services and programs?

What would it feel like to build a thriving, successful coaching business that never invested in marketing, but regularly attracts more clients than it can possibly handle?

What if you HATE marketing? Is there an alternative?

In today’s episode, I share an alternative marketing strategy you can use to grow your coaching business without feeling like a pushy car salesman.

I discuss how word-of-mouth marketing can impact your growth and increase your revenue and the value of creating a referral program to focus less on marketing, and more on delivering a great service.

I also discuss how controlling the balance between supply versus demand in the marketplace can help you position your offers as premium services, control your revenue, and control the growth trajectory of your coaching business.

Even if you hate marketing, you’ll find a way of doing it that you fall in love with.

“The ideal coaching business requires zero marketing.”

Matthew Kimberley 

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • The importance of focusing on being efficient in your coaching business
  • The different types of coaches and coaching philosophies
  • Building a ‘set it and forget it’ marketing system that consistently generates leads
  • Using word-of-mouth marketing to grow your business and increase your revenue
  • Creating a referral program that makes it easy – and natural – for your clients to refer people to you
  • How positioning your offers as a premium service by controlling the balance between supply and demand allows you to control your revenue and growth trajectory

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