disaster-proofing your coaching business

After overcoming a challenging chapter in my family’s story, I have become prepossessed with the idea of disaster-proofing my coaching business.

Because when you’re a business coach, you are essentially running a trade. When you’re running a trade, all sorts of revenue-depleting shockers could happen: an accident, a disaster, or a pandemic.

It is a scary thing to think about, but it’s also the reality for all of us. Yet, it’s okay to be terrified. After all, fear can be a productive emotion that can motivate you to put the necessary frameworks in place and disaster-proof your business. 

Today, I share my obsession with helping business coaches look after themselves, their family, and their businesses. I highlight a few action points you should be taking to not only disaster-proof your business but also to scale from having a coaching job to having a coaching business. 

I also discuss how you can redesign your business beyond merely coaching, mentoring, or teaching for your clients—all of which require you to show up to them—so you can feel more at ease in challenging times. 

“Have a standalone, self-serve product. When you need a few months’ off because of sickness or disability, you’ll know that your clients and family are looked after.”

Matthew Kimberley

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast: 

  • The importance of disaster planning for businesses and why it should matter to you 
  • The differences between having a coaching business, a coaching job, and self-employment 
  • Mitigating the dangers of self-employment for business coaches 
  • Why you need to have a savings buffer before you look at investments and retirement funds 
  • Contingency planning and operating cash flow for your business 
  • Modeling for the worst-case scenario 
  • Looking after revenue, every businesses’ best friend 
  • Designing the delivery of your business to ensure profit when you’re not around 
  • The power of creating self-serve information products and why they’re essential in your sales cycle 
  • What marketing independence and sales independence mean and how you can implement them in your business 

Resources Mentioned: 

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