How To Get Corporate Coaching Clients

episode 12

If you’re in the coaching market, chances are you’re not afraid of having direct sales conversations with business owners and entrepreneurs.

But closing a deal with corporate coaching clients can be a little confusing, if not a tad daunting, for the first time.

After all, coaching a group of enthusiastic entrepreneurs is strikingly different from coaching a group of corporate employees taking mandatory training.

And, in an organization made up of several departments, who do you even talk to in an effort to make a sale?

In this episode, I share the framework and strategies I use to successfully close coaching deals with corporate clients.

I illustrate the challenges a coach can face when trying to get clients in a large organization and reveal one of the biggest mistakes they can make when getting corporate clients.

I also describe how you can build relationships with your potential clients, get them excited, and entice them by offering free strategy sessions.

“In the corporate world, there’s this idea that training is a chore. Give them an experience that lights them up and gets them talking about you around the water cooler.”

Matthew Kimberley 

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • The big difference between coaching business owners and corporate employees
  • Why I’ve stopped coaching corporate organizations
  • The challenges of closing a deal with corporate clients
  • Why you’d want to skip the HR department when selling your coaching programs
  • Building relationships and starting conversations with corporate decision-makers
  • What strategy sessions are, why you should offer them to your prospective clients, and how to make them say ‘yes’
  • The importance of giving prospective clients an enjoyable time during your strategy session
  • Selling your one-to-one coaching sessions to C-suite executives
  • How this framework for getting corporate coaching clients helped me close deals

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