How To Properly Qualify Your Coaching Prospects

episode 14

Learn how to better qualify your coaching prospects. It’s important.

Sales is something slimy and sleazy for many coaches. The bad news is you need to close deals to make money as a coach, which makes sales and marketing inevitable.

The good news? There is an absolutely easy route to landing sales with your prospects.

No, you don’t have to bang your head against the wall trying to convert people you don’t need to convert – and you don’t have to feel like a fraud, either. The secret? Qualifying prospective clients before working with them.

In this episode, I discuss something dear to my heart, and something too many coaches take for granted: how to properly qualify your coaching prospects and why you need to get into the habit of doing it.

I reveal the four types of qualifications potential clients need to pass before working with them and share some of the questions I ask to assess their qualifications.

I also share an adage about selling and marketing and explain why it’s better to have a client who wants you than a client who needs you, if they cannot be both.

“When you get into the habit of qualifying coaching clients upfront, you’re no longer doing the song and dance routine of trying to sell on sales conversations.”

Matthew Kimberley

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • Selling hotdogs to the hungry and what my experience in sales taught me about the qualifying process
  • How the qualification process begins with your marketing and how coaches have misinterpreted personal branding
  • The worst qualifying questions to ask and the wrong way to use disqualifying questions in marketing
  • The Red Velvet Rope Policy and the four qualifications a prospect must have before you work with them
  • The reason you would want a client who wants you instead of a client who needs you
  • Why you still need to qualify a prospective client, even if they initiated the sales conversation
  • Creating desire versus creating need and the beauty of being self-employed
  • Questions you can ask a client to assess their emotional, financial, situational, and conditional qualifications

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