Should I Dance On Instagram To Grow My Coaching Business?

episode 79

I received a question recently: Should I dance on Instagram to grow my coaching business? The question is understandable, as many coaches are doing so, but in this episode.

I go into why “should I be dancing on Instagram” is probably the wrong question to be asking, and I explain what the right question is.

Today, in addition to dancing on Instagram, I talk about whether there is such a thing as bad press, and I share why you should be asking what you can do to get the result that you want.

I talk about why engagement isn’t enough on its own, and I share the six questions you should ask before putting yourself out there in any way, which I call the Six Keys to Creating Connection.

I note that the answers to these questions determine the vehicle for your Call to Action. 

“You shouldn’t care about engagement unless you know for a fact that increased engagement leads to increased whatever-you-need.”  – Matthew Kimberley

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • The real purpose of marketing
  • What you should ask before enacting any marketing strategy
  • The role of engagement in marketing
  • The Six Keys to Creating Connection
  • Why you need to answer all six questions

Resources Mentioned:

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