Why All Coaches Should Sell A $1000 Burger

episode 10

What is your “$1000 burger?”

Your top of the shelf, bespoke offer that is so high-end, it rarely sells – but when it does, it always attracts the right clients at the right time for the right price? Many coaches shy away from adding a high-price offer to their list of services and programs.

We start believing that internal voice that tells us it’s pointless or silly to offer something that rarely sells; that nagging voice that encourages impostor syndrome and causes us to question ourselves and what is really possible for our businesses.

But ask yourself: what is truly possible if you begin to offer a “$1000 burger’ in your coaching business?

In today’s episode, I discuss the $1000 burger concept and why every coach needs to add an exclusive, high-end offer to their website.

I discuss how your bespoke offer can attract high-end clients and why coaches need to overcome their limiting beliefs around high-price programs.

I discuss how to promote your bespoke coaching programs to entice high-end clients to purchase them and how to incorporate them into your sales funnel.

I also explain how to determine the right time to add an even higher coaching service – beyond your $1000 burger – and why it’s important to always have a high-price offer available on your website, even if it rarely sells.

“There are always people who will choose first-class just because it’s first-class.”

Matthew Kimberley

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • What the $1,000 burger concept is and how it relates to your coaching business
  • Why every coach needs to have a bespoke, high-price offer
  • The type of clients often attracted to high-end, bespoke coaching services
  • Why it’s crucial to crush your limiting beliefs around pricing and begin offering bespoke coaching services
  • Determining when to add a higher tier package to your service offerings
  • Using your bespoke offers to test the market

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