The Coaching Industry in Crisis? Ruth Kudzi Weighs In

episode 43
How can we overcome skepticism about coaching? Ruth Kudzi is a business coach who helps her clients leverage their leadership skills and build their resilience, so they have businesses that represent them.  In addition to her own successful coaching business and as a former Deputy Head Teacher and accredited trainer she wanted to create her own academy to support people in becoming coaches. Ruth's coaching certification program combines a variety of approaches including neuroscience, positive psychology, personality profiling, normative models, and transactional analysis. In this episode, Ruth and I discuss the coaching crisis in the UK that is caused by an influx of coaching programs that simply promise to make money quickly and the increase of skeptical clients. Ruth talks about the importance of shifting your client’s mindset to improve the quality and integrity of your coaching program.  We discuss the ethics of selling and how to properly use, not abuse, these techniques, and when to say, “I cannot help you”. Ruth also shares some advice on how to build your first ten clients.
“If you’re really going to change people’s behavior, you have to go deeper because otherwise it’s like just building a house with no foundation. So, I think a coach needs to understand what’s going on in people’s brains.”  Ruth Kudzi 

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast: 

  • Why clients are becoming more skeptical of coaching programs
  • The need to go deeper with clients and shift mindsets
  • The difference between coaching, consulting, and mentorship
  • How do we know if we need a coach and how to choose one
  • What role mental health plays in coaching
  • Learning when to say “I cannot help you.”
  • The slippery slope of sales tactics and emotional vulnerability
  • How building long-term relationships are better than any sales tactic
  • How to build your first ten clients

Resources Mentioned: 

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