The Alternative To Content Creation For Coaches

episode 17

Do you need to be adept at content creation if you’re a coach?

In the days of yore, coaches, consultants, and thought leaders established their credentials by publishing an essential piece of content, whether it’s a book, research papers, or a speech.

Then, they’d take their ideas with them and repeat it over and over again.

Today, coaches are expected to be prolific content creators who consistently produce fresh ideas and novel perspectives.

They do regular Facebook lives and Instagram streams—in addition to getting an article out on Medium or LinkedIn once a week. Before they know it, they’ve trapped themselves in content creation. But there’s beauty in simplicity…and repetition.

In this episode, I reveal the power of repeating your core ideas and the impact of saying your key messages over and over again.

I define what a target market is and share how Jack Welch, former CEO of General Electric, stood up for his message of innovation.

I illustrate how carefully targeting your desired market can cure the greatest of your business ills.

I also explain how you can establish yourself as an expert without going through the horrors of content creation and underscore—once again—the power of repeating yourself.

“When you’re planning content, say ‘here’s my big vision that’s going to change the world,’ and repeat variations of it over and over and over again.”

Matthew Kimberley

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • The perpetual pressure of creating content on social media
  • How coaches and thought leaders previously established their credentials
  • The ‘coaches coaching coaches who coach coaches’ rabbit hole and why content creation is a trap
  • Why we need to focus on repeating our ideas and concentrate on reiterating our message
  • Curing your business ills by properly selecting your target market
  • What a target market is and how to make them spread your message
  • Teaching the benefits of wearing high heels and how to establish your expertise
  • Jack Welch’s message of innovation
  • The importance of reusable drinking straws and why repeating your core ideas will never get boring
  • Why the highest-paid keynote speakers repeat their greatest hit

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