Texting and Driving

episode 102

It’s tempting to think you can multitask and get things done well, but the truth is, this tactic never works.

Multitasking is impossible, and by attempting it, you get stuff done slower and run the risk of never getting some tasks finished at all.  

Today, I warn against the dangers of multitasking, using the analogy of texting and driving.

I note all of the consequences, potential and real, of texting and driving, and I explain why they apply to any other type of multitasking.

I also share how you can become a Book Yourself Solid® professional, and I offer a couple of success stories from our program. 

“If you want to get stuff done, stop trying to do two things at once.” – Matthew Kimberley

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • The dangers of multitasking 
  • The texting and driving analogy 
  • How you can become a Book Yourself Solid® professional 

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