Productivity for Coaches: How To Motivate Yourself

episode 26

With all the tools and technology available to us, productivity for coaches should be easy. So, why is it difficult to get anything done?

Despite all the productivity hacks that we know and the dozens of productivity apps that occupy our phones, it’s difficult for many of us to motivate ourselves and be productive, even if we wanted to.

This can be somewhat of an issue if you’re a coach; after all, part of our job is to motivate clients towards whatever they want to achieve. So, when your bed’s too comfortable for you to not hit the snooze button, how do you motivate yourself?  

Today, I share a nugget of wisdom that may change how you run your coaching business and how you motivate yourself. I share the story of a guy who hated webinars and explain how “best practices” are different for everybody. I discuss the power of asking “What if it wasn’t true?” and how it can change your perspective on your business and life.

I also illustrate how we find it difficult to motivate ourselves despite knowing the principles behind productivity and offer a means to power yourself through things that feel like a drag. 

“Your motivation to get up and do things might be greater if you eliminated all the pieces which didn’t feel quite right. Ask yourself how you can get a better result by using a different method.” 

Matthew Kimberley

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • My life as the coach whisperer
  • Why one man hated webinars and why you might, too
  • The horrors of starting the first 20 minutes of a webinar with fluff and inconsequential details
  • A webinar’s hard sell as an itch that can’t be scratched
  • How the best practices of one person might be the worst for another
  • Variations on a theme and the power of asking “what if it wasn’t true?”
  • Why I moved my Coaches’ Cocktail Hour from an hour on Friday nights to half an hour on Wednesday afternoons
  • Why we find it difficult to motivate ourselves despite knowing the principles of productivity
  • Evaluating what’s important to you and how to motivate yourself

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