Marketing Doesn’t Get You Clients

episode 20

You got that right: marketing doesn’t get you clients. That may be a little odd, if not entirely ironic, to read. After all, this is the “Marketing for Coaches” podcast.

While it’s true that new coaches need to put 100% of their attention into client acquisition, retention, and revenue if they would love to live to see another day in business, far too many coaches focus too much on marketing themselves.

But if it’s not marketing and branding upon which you should put your focus, what are the steps you can take to ensure revenue generation for your coaching business? 

In this episode, I explain why putting too much effort into marketing for your coaching business may be a bad idea and reveal where you should focus a little more.

I discuss the reason business problems are, in fact, personal problems in disguise and illustrate the importance of a conversion system in your business.

I also highlight the differences between a lead and a prospect and share the story about a mom who booked herself solid her first yoga clients without giving in to the temptations of social media branding.

“Marketing doesn’t get you clients – it gets you leads. But if you don’t have a system for converting leads into clients, you don’t have a business.”

Matthew Kimberley 

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • What effective communication skills can do for coaches
  • Why business problems are personal problems in disguise
  • What marketing does and why it can get your into trouble
  • The two philosophical underpinnings of Book Yourself Solid
  • The role of a conversion system in the sales and marketing process
  • The difference between leads versus prospects and why you need to focus on the latter
  • Avoiding the pitfalls of vanity metrics and why marketing isn’t your friend
  • How a yoga teacher booked herself solid without online marketing’s vanity measures

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