How to Get Paid To Do Market Research For Your Coaching Business

episode 13

What if I told you that you could profit from doing your market research for your coaching business? It’s possible; I’ve done it myself. Understanding your target market is crucial if you are to find success in the coaching world.

By using a simple, sneaky trick that marketers wouldn’t want you to know about, you can gain key information, get under your clients’ skin, and be in an incredibly advantageous position to meet your clients’ needs.

In this episode, I reveal how you can get paid while conducting marketing research for your coaching business. I illustrate what the Single Malt Mastermind accountability program is, how I ran it, and why I created it.

I discuss the importance of hiring mentors and coaches, even if information and knowledge are free. I also describe how coaches spend too much effort in trying to understand marketing and not enough time trying to understand their target market.

“By giving your clients a conduit through which they could get stuff off their chest and fill in a survey is one of the greatest gifts to understanding the market.”

Matthew Kimberley

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • What I’ve learned from doing every single iteration of coaching over the years
  • The Single Malt Mastermind accountability program and why I created it
  • The three questions I ask members, subscribers, and clients
  • The power of accountability and the value of having trainers and coaches
  • Getting qualitative, long-term insight on my target clients and suffering the ‘experts’ curse’
  • The Red Velvet Rope Policy and how way too many coaches spend too much time trying to understand marketing
  • Why I deliberately avoided having a Facebook group – at first
  • The foremost advantage of creating the Single Malt Mastermind program

Resources Mentioned:

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