How Much Should You Give Away For Free

episode 47

Is there a point to joining a coaching program if all the content is given away and freely accessible? It may seem that there is no need for a coach if all the information is given away, but no one is paying for information. 

What truly makes a coach valuable is their perspective and insight that cannot come from passively reading information.

In this episode, I talk about why it’s better to freely give away your highly valuable content.

I clarify why a coach’s services are still valuable despite giving away free information. I also discuss why appealing to your client’s emotional side is just as important as their logical side.


“You’re never paying for the information; you’re paying for the result that comes with the information.” 

 Matthew Kimberley   


This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast: 

  • Why you want to give away highly valuable content
  • The only instances where information is a highly traded commodity
  • Pre-framing the need for certain information you have
  • What is passive consumption
  • How a coach is still relevant if all the valuable information is freely accessible
  • The importance of appealing to the emotional and logical sides of a client
  • Being able to present the same information in multiple ways


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