How I Got My Very First Coaching Client

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Whether you’re just getting started as a coach or you’re already established in the field, consistently attracting more coaching clients is key to building a sustainable, enjoyable coaching business.

Learning how others got their first coaching client is instructive for all of us.

Every coach enters the industry with dreams of growing their coaching business and creating massive impact in their communities, but in order to continue to create that impact and generate increased profits, we need to step outside of our comfort zones and embrace marketing strategies that will resonate with our ideal clients.

How do new coaches or consultants begin their journey toward financial freedom? How do they find their very first coaching clients that not only need their services, but also meet their ‘ideal client’ criteria?

Today, I discuss why I believe the Book Yourself Solid® system is the best system in the world for coaches who want to attract more clients and share how this system helped me book my very first coaching client.

So, I discuss why I decided to leave a financially stable career to dip my toe into coaching and entrepreneurship and the challenges I experienced along the way. I share how I discovered the Book Yourself Solid book and how it led my journey to becoming a certified BYS coach … it even shows you how I got my first client.

And, I also explain why the Book Yourself Solid system is the perfect program for new and established coaches to learn how to attract more clients – including your first coaching client – how to make more money, and achieve their biggest, hairiest, and most audacious goals.

“Book Yourself Solid was designed for the small service business owner, but it works for coaches so perfectly because it doesn’t assume any resources that you might not have.”

Matthew Kimberley

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • My journey from working in the corporate world to becoming an entrepreneur and business coach
  • The challenges I experienced while launching my first coaching business
  • Why I decided to purchase a coaching franchise instead of creating my own coaching system
  • How I discovered the Book Yourself Solid book and how it led me down the path to becoming a certified BYS coach
  • Why the Book Yourself Solid® system is perfect for new and established coaches

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