Headshots for Coaches – Everything You Need To Know About Personal Branding Photography

episode 7

Headshots for coaches – do you need them? Do you need a proper photographer to take them? Or are they all a waste of time?

Aren’t headshots all style and no substance? A great headshot doesn’t equal a great coach, right?

Lara Grauer is the owner of Lara Grauer Photography, a photography studio based in Seattle with a focus on corporate portraits, headshots, fashion, and product photography.

Lara is a PPA Certified Professional Photographer with over 20 years of experience with snapping professional portraits and headshots for actors, attorneys, and executives as well as for social media posts and dating profiles.

Lara works closely with her clients to help them define their personal and professional brand, understand their professional goals, and express themselves in the world through the power of photography.

And yes, she goes beyond headshots.

Lara joins me today to share everything you need to know about personal branding photography and how to take great headshot photos for your website and social media profiles.

She explains the importance of hiring a photographer that understands the connection between business and branded photos.

She also shares tips on how to ‘set the scene’ in your photos to capture your quirky personality while displaying your professional expertise and energy.

“Branding photography can bring you so much return.”

Laura Grauer

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • Understanding what Standard Credibility Builders are
  • The difference between a standard headshot photoshoot and a branding photoshoot
  • The importance of hiring a photographer that understands business and branding
  • Setting the ‘scene’ in your branding photoshoots to capture your quirky personality as well as your professional expertise and the energy you bring to your business

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Connect with Lara Grauer:

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