Get Uncomfortable To Grow Your Coaching Business

episode 42

Does this episode make you uncomfortable? Comfort is a dangerous place to be in your business and if you want to grow a coaching business.

When coaches get comfortable, it makes it hard to accomplish the tasks they dislike which can halt the growth in their business. Even if you're not looking to grow, as a coach you very rarely have one client that will take care of you forever. The only way to move through that is to work through what makes you uncomfortable and keep doing it.

In this episode, I discuss why it's important to work through your discomfort and how getting comfortable can kill your business. I provide examples from my life when I had to work through discomfort and what I did to overcome it. I also give an actionable step you can do to start working on overcoming your discomfort.

“By expanding your comfort zone, your business benefits in ways that you never thought would be possible had you not been the sticking block or the barrier to growth by confusing yourself with your business.”

Matthew Kimberley

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:

  • Why discomfort relates to growth
  • The importance of repetition
  • The Kimberly Kids Kidney Concept
  • How to mitigate comfortability
  • My examples of getting over discomfort
  • What can make people uncomfortable in their business
  • Actionable ideas to start getting over discomfort

Resources Mentioned:

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