Coaches who Coach Coaches

episode 85

Have you started your coaching journey and thought ‘I get along with coaches, therefore I should try and coach them’?.

 Many people starting out are very interested in coaching coaches because they feel they can relate to this group, or they may feel that it’s a very profitable place to start out.

However, if you just think you should coach the coaches, you really need to dig a bit deeper and ask some harder questions, such as what kind of coach do you want to coach?  

Today, I talk about what you need to consider if you decide you want to be a coach for coaches.

I talk about some of the alarming trends I’ve noticed for coaches just starting out and how these trends set them up for failure.

I explain why being a “coach for coaches” can be very vague and why that group may not be specific enough to get your audience.

I also discuss the importance of being absolutely clear on the promises you say you can deliver to clients.  

We can teach academically or we can teach from experience. And I prefer when both of those things are true.  – Matthew Kimberley

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast:


  • How I came to realize that being a Book Yourself Solid Coach was a good fit for me 
  • The alarming trend occurring with beginner coaches 
  • The exposure bias of working as a coach’s coach 
  • The broad scope of coaches and why it’s difficult to specialize as a coach for coaches 
  • Being careful about what you promise your clients 
  • The smaller and narrower your audience is the better 

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