disaster-proofing your coaching business

Living in pandemic times reminds us of the importance of disaster-proofing your coaching business. However, life has many ways of turning our worlds upside down.

Seven years ago, Mrs. Kimberley gave birth to our son Edward, a bouncing baby boy with curly hair and a big, bright smile. We enjoyed the first three months with him, wallowing in his brilliance and beauty, as all parents do, as he did things for the first time.

Then, a visit to the pediatrician disrupted our world and turned it upside-down: we had to move from Malta back to the UK, stay there for a few months, and I – distraught as my child’s life hung in the balance – couldn’t show up to my coaching business.  

If you, as a coach, were in my situation, how would you react? If you had to wade through uncertainty, would your coaching business be able to keep you afloat? 

In this episode, I share a peek behind the scenes of my life as a coach seven years ago. I share the story of Edward’s battle through a heart defect and how Mrs. Kimberley and I took care of him through his recovery. I discuss how this crisis impacted us and my coaching business.

I explain why the difference between a coaching job and a coaching business matters. I also discuss how I communicated to my clients the situation I was in and illustrate how an act of kindness helped me overcome a very challenging time in our lives. 

“Professional coaches claim to be business owners when what they actually have are coaching jobs that require their attendance to get paid. That can be a dangerous position.”

Matthew Kimberley 

This week on Book Yourself Solid® Marketing For Coaches Podcast: 

  • The birth of Edward, our bouncing baby boy 
  • Discovering Edward’s heart defect and our return to the UK 
  • Managing Edward’s recovery while taking care of Sam, our older son 
  • The difference between having a coaching job versus a coaching business 
  • Why having a coaching job is dangerous if you’re the family breadwinner 
  • Communicating my situation to my coaching clients and community
  • How an act of kindness kept me afloat at a time where I couldn’t show up as a coach 
  • The uncertainty of relying on a single client 
  • A question you need to ponder upon as a coach 

Resources Mentioned: 

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