Accountability for Coaches

who prefer not to do it alone,
but who are perfectly capable of doing it on their own,
thanks very much … 

If you're reading this it's because you've heard of Book Yourself Solid's Secret Society of Competent Coaches who get more done than your average coach despite the squirrels and toys and attention-stealing opportunities that plague the self-employed and leaders-of-small-teams like you.

You measure your results in dollars and time spent away from the desk rather than in hours worked and social media followers gained.

You understand the correlation between getting the right stuff done and getting paid and you focus on the likelihood that you get the right stuff done.

And you're not a noob. That means your coaching business is how you pay the bills and you're not in the process of learning how to do it.

You recognize that peer support and accountability can move the needle for the needle-moving activities you commit to … or try to commit to.

If so, the Imaginatively-Titled Accountability for Coaches Program may be right for you.

It's run by me, Matthew Kimberley, host of Marketing for Coaches and Head of Book Yourself Solid® Worldwide, and it's a BETTER, CHEAPER version of the Single Malt Mastermind, which you can't buy any more.

Fortune favors the fast, the persistent and the consistent.

If that's you, fill in the form below and I'll send you details. We start soon and if you're in on the ground floor (if you fill in the interest form) then you'll get an ill-advised discount that will make you happy and will make my bank manager cry.

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